About Rock Solutions

Rock Solutions North AB is a product development company focusing on safety, efficiency and quality in mines.

The prototype, that later become EXI-bolt, was originally designed in 2012. It was a result of studys in unoptimized mounting procedures of rock bolts where the handling (preparation, injection and cleaning) of the cement was very time consuming. EXI-bolt as a product eliminates that with its unique features reguarding quick mounting and dynamic metal quality. EXI-bolt can also be used to indicate the force on the bolt and therefore be much safer.

During 2015-2016 Rock Solution North started extended patent protection and to verify the technology in laboratories and in mines. The first test with EXI-bolt prototypes was performed in real production in autumn 2016.

EXI-bolt is a mechanically anchored dynamic rock bolt with superior features:

  • Fastest bolt to mount
  • Can be mounted by standard rock bolt equipment or manually
  • Full strength immediately
  • Highest energy absorption, more than 70 kJ
  • Can be elongated more than 400 mm before breaking
  • Shows the load on the bolt
  • Shows if the bolt is broken
  • Fully recyclable

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