EXI-bolt is a mechanically anchored dynamic rock bolt.

The patented anchoring principle is the main component that gives EXI-bolt its unique features. The anchor uses a double wedge to make it fast to mount and to get a secure hold. The more you pull the bolt the more it will hold and it has full strength directly.

The mechanical anchor makes the whole bolt a dynamic component that gives EXI-bolt unmatched energy absorption and very long maximum elongation. By using an indicator plate EXI-bolt also shows the force on the bolt. If the bolt is broken it will fall out and thereby show that the area is not secure unlike cemented bolt or friction bolt where you don´t see if the bolt is broken.


  • Very fast to mount
    Insert EXI-bolt in the bore hole and tighten the nut. That´s it
  • Full strength directly
    EXI-bolt has the full strength directly after mounting, no cement or resin that needs to harden.
  • Can be mounted with existing bolt rigs
    No need for any special equipment or adjustments.
  • Can be mounted manually
    EXI-bolt is very easy to mount manually, just insert it in the hole and tighten the nut.
  • Very high energy absorbtion
    EXI-bolt can absorb more than 70 kJ.
  • High elongation
    For 3000mm bolts EXI-bolt can be stretched more than 400 mm.
  • Shows the load on the bolt
    EXI-bolt comes with an indicator plate that shows the load on the bolt.
  • Shows if the bolt is broken
    If EXI-bolt is cheared off or broken in some other way the bolt will fall out of the hole showing that the area is not safe. With cemented bolts and friction bolts you don´t see that it is broken.
  • Fully recyclable

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