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The well known problem



Increased depth increases the safety requirements



Is too low In deep mines and must be increased to be competitive.


Operating expenses

How can underground mines cut costs for rock reinforcement



The rock reinforcement process is not optimize resources

The handling of traditional rock reinforcement bolts tends to reduce productivity due to the slow handling time that the assembly provides. They also reduce profitability with the cost they contribute.

With traditional rock reinforcement bolts it can be difficult to see breakage of the bolt as the different parts are stuck in the rock with both resin and cement, this reduces the safety of the mining areas.

Finally, the environmental impact increases with the use of both resin and cement in the assembly process, something that should be reviewed

We have the solution to this problem.

New ways of rock reinforcement

The situation

Today the mining industry is under pressure looking to improve operational performance and cost-efficiencies. Thus management in the mine corporations are looking for new innovative ways of working. There is also an increased focus on social responsibility and the environmental impact of mining demanded by society and its citizens. The industry is partnering around initiatives such as sustainable underground mining.

The following market factors need to be considered:


•Operational performance

•Risk mitigation - safety


New innovative production

Customers are seacharing for innovation to secure revenvues, cost-efficiencies and safety.

•How to increase productivity in mining?

•How do we handle safety when depth of mines is increasing?

•How can we be more environmental friendly?

We support the change of the bolting process. This bolting process is a large part of the blast cycle which in turns greatly impact the production

EXI-bolt is the solution


It reduces the cost of rock reinforcement through shorter

lead times


It increases productivity through fewer rock bursts and

production stoppages


It contribute to a increased safety for  personnel, processes and machines


It reduce the

environmental impact

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